About Us

TCC Industries Inc. was founded in 1987. TCC has been a leading provider of coaxial interconnect products for radio frequency, microwave and data transmission applications. As a leader in enabling next generation technology, we are able to continually support global advancements in connectivity. Our company’s headquarters is located in Buena Park, CA, USA together with sales and marketing. Manufacturing locations in Asia (Taiwan)

Our team of experienced engineers develops innovative solutions utilizing the most advanced manufacturing technology available, to produce RF connectors, RF coaxial adapters, and RF cable assemblies in high volume with industry-leading quality and cost. TCC carries a line of cable assembly tools for low-volume cable assemblies.

TCC offers a robust and constantly expanding porolio of standard off-the-shelf interconnect products for a variety of industries. Our key markets include automove, broadband, broadcast, industrial, IoT, instrumentaon, medical, military and wireless. Our solutions include waterproof IP-rated, ruggedized, board-to-board, low PIM and high-frequency.


As a leader in RF interconnects, TCC knows that every application is unique. Our dedicated team of experts is able to find the right solution for every situation, Sometimes a custom product is needed, to meet product demand and efficiency. We work with customers from concept through production to make sure every technical specification is met.

Our standard products can be leveraged against our technical expertise to create the right custom products for any application, in any industry.

Engineering Expertise

Great products start with the best engineering staff, and TCC is ready to support your technical needs. Through the use of collaborative engineering between our technical staff, we can achieve an engineering and development environment that works in parallel with our manufacturing operations.

Through the use of the latest design and analysis tools, our staff is able to provide the highest level of dedicated engineering

Our Engineering toolbox includes:

  • 3D Mechanical Design
  • Network Analyzers

Our manufacturing capabilities include:

  • CNC Machining
  • Automated Assembly
  • Plang, including Custom Needs

World Class Quality Systems

Our quality team oversees every part of our operation, from inial design to shipping parts to your door. TCC is dedicated to achieving the highest customer satisfaction through the execution of our quality provisions and programs, including our factory’s ISO status, and our environmental compliance declarations.

Before our products ship, we make certain that they’re going to perform. Every new design undergoes rigorous validation to
ensure the quality of our products. The capabilities of our worldwide quality labs and test environments include:

  • Electrical to 40 GHz – VSWR, Insertion loss, PIM
  • Environmental – Moisture, Salt, Heat
  • Mechanical – Vibraon, Pull Tests, Inseron/Withdrawal

Professional Logistics

TCC is committed to making our products always available to our customers. Our team is dedicated to getting your products to you.

Our Global Logistics capabilities include:

  • Customer Defined Shipping Instructions
  • Expedited Delivery Service